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Monday, August 21

the evergreen state: visited, pt 5

ok, so here's a recap of yesterday, day 5 in seattle:

cups of coffee consumed: 1
alcoholic beverages consumed: 4.5
tasted Jack-in-the-Box: check
hot tub lounging: check
total starbucks seen: 3
flower arrangements organized: over 7
trellis draped: check
10lee's wedding attended: check
# of times tearing up: numerous (definitely over 3)

today has been a travel day, so a quick run-down for ya:
cups of coffee consumed: 2 large ones
# of hours in flight: 4:07
fast food eaten: check (A&W)
# of extatic kitties to greet us at home: 3
total starbucks seen: 3

so for all of you counting, i saw a total of 31 different starbucks in or around seattle over the course of 6 days. i didnt actually consume starbucks - in fact, my one regret about this trip is that i did not indulge in tully's, starbucks' current and aspiring local rival (think caribou but not rustic). i did indulge in seattle's best (which, to my chagrin, i was told is now owned by starbucks) and quite a few small indie coffee places.

we saw mountain ranges, spotted mt. rainier, conquored the city bus system, enjoyed local fare, indulged in all things touristy and attended the most beautiful wedding of my dear, sweet, gracious friend 10lees. 10lees and hubby were quite generous to us over the past week, and i'm grateful that i was able to partake in their celebratory event. it was an amazing week!!!!

Sunday, August 20

the evergreen state: visited, pt 4

saturday was day 4 in the loverly city of Seattle

cups of coffee consumed: 2.5
alcoholic beverages consumed: 4
amazing costa rican breakfast eaten: check
hot tub lounging: check
little league games watched:2
bizzare sightings: hm, not many... although, our cab driver did not know where our hotel was located. i thought that was bizzare.
total starbucks seen: 3 (it was a slow day)

Saturday, August 19

the evergreen state visited: part 3

high point of the day: touching the kentucky blue grass on Safeco Field
# of alcohoic beverages consumed: 7
cups of coffee consumed: 1 (gasp!)
bizzare sightings: numerous, including 10lees getting serenaded on a piano and O flirting with a swedish computer nerd
total starbucks seen: 9

Friday, August 18

the evergreen state: visted, pt 2

thursday was day 2 in seattle...

coffee shops visited: 1
total eateries used: 1
clams eaten: aprox 20
cups of coffee consumed: 2
# of alcoholic beverages consumed: 2
Darth Vadar's helmet seen at the Sci-Fi Museum: check
tweaked on band posters at EMP: check (happily, aesthetic apparatus was featured)
bizzare sightings: numerous, including Snakes on a Plane movie ticket campout site
sunsets seen: 1
mountain ranges seen: 2
"i spy" games played: 3
total starbucks seen: 6 (no repeats, remember!)

Thursday, August 17

the evergreen state: visited

yesterday was day one of the seattle trip.

flights taken: 2
total hours in-air: 4:05
total eateries used: 5
total coffee shops used: 3
# of caffinated beverages consumed: 5
# of alcoholic beverages consumed: 3
# of times slapped mule upsite head: 5
hours slept on floor: 7:30
miles walked: ??? but a lot of it was uphill
bizzare sightings: numerous (including a monkfish, petrified cat & shrunken head)
# of tourist trap stores exolored: 6
# of bookstores visited: 2
# of pirates spotted: 2 (one live, one plaster of paris)
sunsets seen: 1
total starbucks seen: 13

Thursday, August 3

july reading list

*sorry - i was gonna put pix in here too, but blogger isnt working so well today. maybe i'll post them later!

because of extreme heat it was a lot easier to retire to my bedroom early in the evening and get in a solid hour or so of reading before passing out. consequently, i got through quite a few books. this month should be promising as well considering the upped traffic quota (thank you sanity-saving audiobooks) and continued heat wave. hoorah for the written word!

the harmony silk factory by tash aw

this is a nice round about way of telling the story of johnny lim - lowly tin mine worker turned wealthy influential legend. the story is told in three parts: one from johnny's son jasper, one from johnny's wife snow and one from johnny's one-time best friend peter. takes place in 1940's Malaysia and has beautiful descriptions of the land and political changes of the time. you can tell that this is a debut book (the author uses almost too much description to get his points across), but it's a beautiful tale about perspective that fully engaged me.

the second summer of the sisterhood of the traveling pants by ann brashares

just as good as the first book! 4 best friends use a pair of jeans to keep united through a turbulent summer of travels and changes. i enjoy this series because it's like eating a bag of m&m's - really deliciously good but not quite healthy for you. i think this is a pretty realistic perspective of semi-popular 16/17-year-old girls. there is an honesty about sexual feelings, a fierce love/hate bond with mothers and the girls themselves get into tiffs. maybe a few scenarios are a bit romantisized, but it's a work of fiction. candy, juvi-lit fiction. i'll let it slide and enjoy it as is.

runt:story of a boy by v.m. caldwell

runt (robert remick) comes from an incredibly poor, religious household. the middle child and sole male of the family (verbally abusive dad left long ago) runt and his sisters are separated after the death of thier mother. runt goes to live with his eldest sister, helen and her sketchy boyfriend. helen is not much better off than runt was, but her love and protection give runt a haven from his oppresive past. runt meets mitch, a wheelchair-bound boy with lukemia who shows runt just how beautiful trust, friendship and love can be. cute YA book, not too in-depth, but i enjoyed it.

the kite runner by khaled hosseini

beautiful story of the frienship of Amir and Hassan, Afghani children who grow up together, part ways and are "reunited" in an extrordinary way. this is a very intense book about family, love, politics and survival. i found this book somewhat exhausting because as soon as one obstical was conquored, another presented itself. each story is complete and engaging, and all together they complete a story that is truely remarkable and actually keeps hope in a firm embrace.

the open curtain by brian evenson

wow. i was really impressed with this piece of noir fiction. not-yet-released from coffee house press, this is evenson's 7th book (i believe). this is incredibly well crafted - evenson twists the plot and characters without your knowledge. while researching a school project, mormon-raised rudd encounters information about the murder commited by william hooper young (bringham young's grandson). rudd's involvement in the tale immersed with the controversial mormon ritual of blood atonement (sacrifice) gets stickier and closer to home as similar present-day murders in his hometown happen. when it comes out this fall, i highy recommend getting it!

on deck: travels by michael chrichton, the secret life of bees by sue monk kidd, in a sunburned country by bill bryson and, of course, the 3rd installment of the sisterhood.

Tuesday, August 1

the pain, the rush, the relief

i just realized i'm addicted to caffine. b bought some delicious tea at julius meinl and made a pitcher of iced tea the other day. it's like, a gazillion degrees in my apartment's kitchen, so instead of making the usual cuppa brew, i filled the trusty mug with iced tea and a titch of sugar. it was delic!!

however, i had this radiating headache behind my eyeballs. i attributed it to my extensive screen staring as of late (yay for online editing) and carried on. it got really bad. i almost left work early. and then, i got cold. and, as am wont to do, i grabbed a crappy cup of Insta Brew from the break room and sipped my way to warmth (ironic how my day goes from cold to hot to cold to hot to cold, no?).

so, of course, i was on a caffine rush. i believe chipper, jill and kirsten were too b/c we spent a good half hour gossiping about the possibilities of impending corporate doom. hand gestures, talk of explosives, coups and promotions ensued.

i sat back at my monitor and plugged away for a few minutes. then i realized my headache was gone. vanished. effer. this must mean i should cut down the joe, right? this is not a time in my life to be giving up a legal drug, now is it?