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Monday, October 24

romantic ideals (i do get my satisfaction)

i started to compose a list of things i want to do before i die. i know the list will change, grow, and expand over my lifetime, but for now, here's what i've come up with:

•see new england in the fall
•see kyoto in the spring
•run through central park in the rain
•go snowshoeing
•eat a 7+ course meal
•visit india
•start a foundation for the arts
•have a beautiful library in my home

i am not very ambitious and i love to take pleasure in what i already have, or what i'm currently experiencing. this weekend i went to my friend's cabin in grand marais. it was really really beautiful up there. crisp and refreshing... no bugs or bats to annoy me (a few beavers, but jared chased them away with his little girly scream). i helped shan quilt, hiked a bit, chatted with natives, played killer bunnies (which i highly recommend) and enjoyed the company of my friends and the outdoors.

i'm not sure if i really want a list of things to do before i die. i'd rather not regret what i have not done. isnt that part of a mark twain quote? well, one google reference says it's a lucille ball quote... heh... but i think the real quote is something like "i do not regret the things i have done, but the things i didnt do". i would rather not regret at all. so, these are my romantic ideals. i'm satisfied with that.

Wednesday, October 19

new things

well, i would have posted about it sooner, but i wanted to break it to my boss first. i'm moving to chicago on jan 1st. betsy and i will adventure to the "big city" to hopefully give our lives some class, excitement and perpsective. yes, that does mean i'm doing this by myself, sans H. that's not my choice, but i have to keep on living as best as i can. chicago seems to be the next step.

so i'm busy shuffling around the office, making sure i have everything in order, making sure my boss doesnt freak out, making sure we hire the right person to replace me. i'm also busy trying to find time with B to get an apartment and arrange my own resume & job search.

if anyone knows of shweet places to apply to in the windy city, let me know. if anyone knows about someone who needs a job and is patient and and devoted to the arts community in the twin cities, let me know.

friends in MN, i'm sad to go. friends in IL, i'm happy to come. friends everwhere else - i'll still keep my blog! ;o)

Tuesday, October 18

voici! le francais!

je suis super cool, huh?

oooo! cheeeeese!

last night i caught Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and it was faboo! First of all, we were the only people in the theater, so we could bash the previews and laugh till we snorted w/o ridicule. Second, this is a really good, really cute movie. i would safely take any little kid to it, albeit, not one who's afraid of rabbits. there are a few hare-raising scenes (bwahahahaaa! i'm sooo punny!).

Wallace & Gromit have a pest-control service that is "technologically" superior and humane. they are quite busy ridding the neighborhood of veg-loving rabbits as the big Veg Fest & Competition is nigh 4 days away. when one of Wallace's experiments goes awry, a giant Were-Rabbit starts ravaging the town's prize veg to satisfy it's hunger! Can Wallace and Gromit save the day???!!!

sometimes claymation can be a bit disturbing, but Aardman does a fine job of making the characters cute & loveably bizzare. of course, there's a bit of adult humor in there - especially in the Dreamwork's shortie that follows Christmas Eve at the Penguin house in the Zoo from Madagascar (which was cute, i'll admit). look for the naked Wallace covering himself with a box that has a sticker on it: "may contain nuts" and other such innocent potty humor. my fav character is the vicar, i love how detailed the scenery is, the bunnies are freaking adorable and as always, i walked out wanting a Gromit of my own. and some cheese.

dr gonzo rating: A

Friday, October 14

happy birthday, my friend

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Laura Ann Pippel

i miss you

Thursday, October 13

umm, yeahhhhh......

apparently, i havent posted in a few weeks. coulda fooled me.... oh well...

the auditors came in at work last week, and i was busy as a fire ant gnawing at a burried prisoner's head. yes, i do want to stay in the nonprofit sector. dont make fun of me! i like it!

my temporary roomie is moving out tomorrow (sniff sniff!!). my first MN roomie, my last MN roomie. poingnant, doncha think?

i saw the best drag show in Chicago for a bachelorette party - Baton Show Lounge, if ever you have the inkling. expensive drinks, but "beautiful ladies".......

i'm in a reading slump right now. i'm re-reading one book and the other is a McSweeney's collection. i need some real fuel here pretty soon. i want to read Mr. Muo's Flying Couch (i think that's the title) and join the Walker book club, but the library is out of copies right now and i'm too cheap to buy the damn thing.

i've also been dabbling in html coding. i'm tending to our website, and i wanted to do some fun things like, add color & flair. i'm way too excited about it.

next week, i will have been in chicago for 3 out of the past 5 weekends. this time it's Piety & Bob's wedding. should be a helluva shindig and i'm lookin' forward to it. oh shit, i need to do my drycleaning...

i'll probably have a better blog idea later on in the week. maybe. dont count on it though. peace out yo!