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Monday, November 29

Word of the Day

Pleasant sounding, especially a pleasant sounding word.
From the ancient Greek word euphonos, meaning "sweet-voiced": eu-, good + phone, sound.

Wednesday, November 24

New clubs for the uninvolved

so, for those of you like me, who have a few extra minutes to kill each day and your level of quality slowly dwindles, get your free membership

and here

Wednesday, November 17

For your listening pleasure

i literally just found this band. i was alerted to their existance by the guys at
Aesthetic Apparatus
cuz my pal (in from Chi-town) was curious enough to ask them about the new schtuff in the music world. i was pleasantly surprised and might now have to go out and actually purchase the CD.... yeah, i know, a rare occurance these days.

oh, and i apologize for the unstreamlined-ness of my blog. i'm too busy to learn anything about it, so. yeah... you can just suffer through the dead space with me.

Tuesday, November 9

Fun Stuff

i highly recommend you dawdle here.