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Wednesday, January 26

Best Idea.... Ever!

Netflix for books.

i've already posted a thread on a friends' blog

but i figured it's worth a full entry.

yes, Netflix for books. so, pretty much, its Netflix with books instead of DVD's. a library online! no late fees! it will be a long time before people regularly use ebooks, and this is just so practical! of course, i'd have to recommend only allowing the use of recreational books - not textbooks, where students (such as my poor ass would have) would abuse the privilidge. The book industry would actually gain from this. i know cuz i'm in the book industry!! thusly, my word is just that - the Word! yeah... it would create a whole new distributor for books and create access to books like my tiny company publishes. of course, i realize they'd start with best sellers, but like all good libraries, they would expand into niches like experimental fiction and Beat poetry....

so, if you would use Netflix for books, would you let me know? it might be my next great adventure in life. an accomplishment for the masses, if you will....