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Sunday, October 4

what i did on my sunday vacation

yes, i consider sundays vacation days. days when i wake up late (after a gratuitous 9 hours of delicious sleep), gather treats at the farmer's market and indulge in favorite american pastimes are definitely vacation days.

i *may* have overindulged... i watched the bears gloriously clobber the 2008 lions (yeah, for some reason they came back this week - oh well!) and at the same time was flipping channels between plays to monitor the white sox/tigers and pressing "refresh" on my computer keeping tabs on the twins last shot at AL division glory.

oh hell, it was fun. now i'm roasting an acorn squash so i can make a lovely sausage/squash/kale dish for lunches this week. oh yeah, and mad men tonite! and i didnt even have to take a day off work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this photo and love that you consider Sundays to be vacation days...I plan to follow in your footsteps.

-your yoga twin

11:52 AM


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