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Tuesday, August 1

the pain, the rush, the relief

i just realized i'm addicted to caffine. b bought some delicious tea at julius meinl and made a pitcher of iced tea the other day. it's like, a gazillion degrees in my apartment's kitchen, so instead of making the usual cuppa brew, i filled the trusty mug with iced tea and a titch of sugar. it was delic!!

however, i had this radiating headache behind my eyeballs. i attributed it to my extensive screen staring as of late (yay for online editing) and carried on. it got really bad. i almost left work early. and then, i got cold. and, as am wont to do, i grabbed a crappy cup of Insta Brew from the break room and sipped my way to warmth (ironic how my day goes from cold to hot to cold to hot to cold, no?).

so, of course, i was on a caffine rush. i believe chipper, jill and kirsten were too b/c we spent a good half hour gossiping about the possibilities of impending corporate doom. hand gestures, talk of explosives, coups and promotions ensued.

i sat back at my monitor and plugged away for a few minutes. then i realized my headache was gone. vanished. effer. this must mean i should cut down the joe, right? this is not a time in my life to be giving up a legal drug, now is it?


Blogger dirty orpheus said...

This is why you should take lots with alcohol. You're a little tipsy in the morning, oh well, by the time that goes away you've drowned it all in a coffee and that'll coast you right through the rest of the day. Clever as a lever, my dear, clever as a lever.

10:57 AM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

a wonderful suggestion dear sir. however, that hangover after lunch hour is brutal.

12:17 PM


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