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Thursday, September 22

quote of the day

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours.
  - Harry S Truman

Wednesday, September 21

thoughts under the droning

i still havent figured out which mp3 player to get. i'm sure i'll report on it in full when i finally get one.

in the meantime, i'd like to say that today, i like purple. i also really want to eat a lot of chips, but i'm not going to. i'm going to chicago this weekend for my cousin's wedding, and i'm terribly excited about it. tonite, when i'm done packing, all i want to do is sip white wine, eat chips and watch Sex and the City reruns. or maybe start 6 Feet Under as it's cycling through on comcast's on demand.

i have made entirely too much applesauce. i made 2 cinnamon versions and one curry version (yes, curry. its fabulous. i'll make you some if you ask nicely). i still have leftover apples. i contemplated using them to make hard cider, but when i looked up recipes online, it looks like too much work. plus, i'm not sure if it's legal. is it? not that that's stopped me before....

the USPS is entirely unpredictable. this is a separate blog entry, so i'll leave it here as a simple complaint.

it's now time for me to take the hang-over poop. enjoy your days.....

Thursday, September 15

Oooooo, deliberations!

i need (yes, need) an mp3 player. should i get

a.) the nano
b.) ohn's old 20G iPod for supercheap


Tuesday, September 6

Letters, words, jargon...

A friend and i have been chatting about the importance/relevance of letter writing. the new york times posted an article about this recently.

i love typing. i will never give it up as my personal preference for writing. i have carpral tunnel in my wrists, which makes long hand a bit overwhelming when i'm on a roll. plus, the delete key is amazing.

i also love emails. and i happen to save emails. in this nyt article, they talk about the importance of saving emails to document lives. i agree with this to a certain extent. i've had some really great banters with people via email, and i dont save each email. i only save the last one, which includes all responses, in order. i delete boring day-to-day stuff. i dont see this as bad (for one, i dont think i'm going to have anyone documenting my life or rooting through my emails after i die and become famous). sure, i plan on being famous one day. or at least have my stuff read by someone other than loved ones. but to subject a biographer to a multitute of gigs of emails is asinine.

people write more letters now than ever before b/c of email. it is easier for a reason. but my friend had a lot of good arguments for the snail mail. it's quite a pleasure to recieve a REAL letter amongst the bills. it's also satisfying to create a letter. to take a blank piece of paper and put your personality on it. it's even more satisfying to see someone else's personality take shape on paper. there is a lot to be said for handwriting analysis.

its a romantic form of communication. an ideal. i'll never give it up, but i really dont think it's going to be "revitalized" anytime soon. so, if you want to write me, please do, i wont knock you for an impersonal email, and i wont knock you for wasting a shred of tree & a stamp.