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Friday, August 31

mustard sweater w/ stripes, $14.99 at H&M

someone complained that i dont update enough, so i figure i should give my "readers" something new...

i hopped on 55 last night with all intentions of taking the 355/88 tollway combo home. then i did the math in my head and figured out that if i kept this up, day and night, i'd spend $40 in tolls per month, just on work travel. ouch. so i passed the 355 entrance and exited at illinois route 53 instead.

there was a bit of construction, but since i left work at an obscenely late hour, this did not factor into my trip. total travel time: 40 min. not bad...

this morning i took the same route to work. i was highly amazed at the lack of traffic in the construction zones (perhaps this is because i take full advantage of my flex hours and enter the building any time after 9 and before 10). total travel time: 40 min.

so i'm thinking this is a fabulous and cheap travel option. i'm sure i'll be proven wrong sooner than later, but for now, i've deluded myself and will go merrily on my way.

... hey, i didnt say i'd be interesting, did i?

really, i'm not interesting right now b/c i'm in the midst of ridiculous work stress. i got a promotion that increased my work load ten-fold. it's a nice pay increase, but i sure could use a regular massage therapist. my day consists of fretting and sorting and cutting and pasting and picking and picking and picking at documents. so my social life, in contrast, is very exciting, even if mundane.

i'm hoping for a relaxing, possibly fun long weekend. cheers to that...