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Wednesday, December 23

fine in 09

in my posting for 2008, i rattled off a few things i'd like to do in 09. i didnt revisit that entry until today, when i had an overwhelming urge to create my 09 post. turns out i did a lot of what i wanted, and the more i think about 09, the more i am seriously impressed with all that one little year can bring!

in 2009 i...

...did not
  • get that damn promotion
  • or, solve that career issue
  • get a gratuitously lovely tv
  • change cars - knock on wood
  • find a grown-up bed (i found a headboard, but the mattress & boxspring are still on the floor)
  • read as much as i'd have liked
  • again, solve all of my emotional and life issues - do we ever?
  • meet & fall in love with my half sister
  • acquire a personal computer (thank you rhettoric!)
  • do bikram approximately 2x/week for the whole year
  • have my scoliosis improve b/c of diligent bikram & chiro work
  • co-captain the MGH softball team
  • get what i think was H1N1
  • get hospitalized for my reynaud's disease
  • learn how to do inversions in yoga
  • find a really good therapist
  • enjoy the farmer's markets as much as humanly possible
  • learn to ride my bike confidently in the city
  • realize how much i love chicago
  • LOTS of career research
  • attend two pre-season twins games!
  • travel to: NYC, denver, the quad cities, minnesota, and ft. meyers
i'm going to have to write a separate entry on the books i read in 2009 - i kinda slacked off and didnt review during the last quarter of the year. but aside from this, i think i had a good one. the positives are very positive, and the negatives are more than do-able/live-able.

if i had to predict what 2010 will bring, i dont think i can do it. too much is in the air right now. will i find myself alone in NYC starting over? perhaps i'll get that promotion and work away like a busy bee, here in chicago. i'd like to embrace the farmer's markets more next year - no more saturday laziness due to hangovers! i definitely need to get back to meet my half-sis's family - the more i learn about them, the more excited i get! but overall, i hope 2010 brings contentment and smiles to all the people in my life. so...

cheers to 2010!


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