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Monday, August 21

the evergreen state: visited, pt 5

ok, so here's a recap of yesterday, day 5 in seattle:

cups of coffee consumed: 1
alcoholic beverages consumed: 4.5
tasted Jack-in-the-Box: check
hot tub lounging: check
total starbucks seen: 3
flower arrangements organized: over 7
trellis draped: check
10lee's wedding attended: check
# of times tearing up: numerous (definitely over 3)

today has been a travel day, so a quick run-down for ya:
cups of coffee consumed: 2 large ones
# of hours in flight: 4:07
fast food eaten: check (A&W)
# of extatic kitties to greet us at home: 3
total starbucks seen: 3

so for all of you counting, i saw a total of 31 different starbucks in or around seattle over the course of 6 days. i didnt actually consume starbucks - in fact, my one regret about this trip is that i did not indulge in tully's, starbucks' current and aspiring local rival (think caribou but not rustic). i did indulge in seattle's best (which, to my chagrin, i was told is now owned by starbucks) and quite a few small indie coffee places.

we saw mountain ranges, spotted mt. rainier, conquored the city bus system, enjoyed local fare, indulged in all things touristy and attended the most beautiful wedding of my dear, sweet, gracious friend 10lees. 10lees and hubby were quite generous to us over the past week, and i'm grateful that i was able to partake in their celebratory event. it was an amazing week!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how did you like jack in the box? isn't it swell?


11:53 AM

Blogger dr gonzo said...

it was a lot better than i anticipated! i am not a fast food fan, but i tasted the sourdough bacon melty thingy and it was perdy good.

12:56 PM


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