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Friday, April 30

whaddya wanna be when u grows up?

rhettoric asked me a fabulous question today:

with no regard to talent or training, what five careers would you want?

after some winnie-the-pooh quality think-think-thinking, this is what i came up with:
  • publisher for an independent literary press
  • owner of a vineyard & winery (location TBD)
  • movie star
  • philanthropist
  • food critic & cookbook author
when i have daydreams in traffic (or in meetings), they usually revolve around these five activities. i could go all david sedaris on you and hash out some of the better, more eccentrically-detailed dreams, but i think i'll just let them sit here for now. i think i'll just re-visit this post a few times in the next week or so, and keep thinking about what these five dreams mean to me.