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Monday, January 3

still strong even after so long

ok so i had to do it... i havent posted in a terribly long time, and i expect to not post, again, for a longer time. but another year has passed. a very, very good year, and it shouldnt pass unnoticed.

in 2010 i did...

...get that fucking promotion!
...get the papers solidified and change my name back
...find a frame for my bed (there is SPACE under my bed!)
...have my scoliosis improve even more
...successfully captain the softball team
...spent quite a few amazing days with my half-sister & her family
...start to re-learn spanish to the botanic gardens and back
...was a bridesmaid
...explored more areas & tried more restaurants in chicago to nyc, matawan, richmond, mn, the rockford-area, and camped all over mid-wisconsin
...and i also happened to fall in love with a wonderful, creative, handsome, and admirable friend (and i do believe him to be quite smitten with me, too!)

i didn't...
...have a (bad) hangover on jan 1st!
...completely figure out the long-term career thing (again...) as much as i wanted
...see avatar in the theater. nope. and i'm very ok with that!
...keep up correspondence with far-away friends as well as i'd wished
...get my shoulders/neck fixed
...find the cash to fix up my car so it keeps on truckin'; it still works, but it's a bit of a bucket at the moment
...keep up the finances as well as i'd hoped
...visit the farmers markets enough

but you know what? the positives outweigh the negatives by a lot, this year. i'm not sure what '11 will bring, but i'm very ready for it.

happy new year!


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