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Thursday, August 17

the evergreen state: visited

yesterday was day one of the seattle trip.

flights taken: 2
total hours in-air: 4:05
total eateries used: 5
total coffee shops used: 3
# of caffinated beverages consumed: 5
# of alcoholic beverages consumed: 3
# of times slapped mule upsite head: 5
hours slept on floor: 7:30
miles walked: ??? but a lot of it was uphill
bizzare sightings: numerous (including a monkfish, petrified cat & shrunken head)
# of tourist trap stores exolored: 6
# of bookstores visited: 2
# of pirates spotted: 2 (one live, one plaster of paris)
sunsets seen: 1
total starbucks seen: 13


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