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Monday, October 24

romantic ideals (i do get my satisfaction)

i started to compose a list of things i want to do before i die. i know the list will change, grow, and expand over my lifetime, but for now, here's what i've come up with:

•see new england in the fall
•see kyoto in the spring
•run through central park in the rain
•go snowshoeing
•eat a 7+ course meal
•visit india
•start a foundation for the arts
•have a beautiful library in my home

i am not very ambitious and i love to take pleasure in what i already have, or what i'm currently experiencing. this weekend i went to my friend's cabin in grand marais. it was really really beautiful up there. crisp and refreshing... no bugs or bats to annoy me (a few beavers, but jared chased them away with his little girly scream). i helped shan quilt, hiked a bit, chatted with natives, played killer bunnies (which i highly recommend) and enjoyed the company of my friends and the outdoors.

i'm not sure if i really want a list of things to do before i die. i'd rather not regret what i have not done. isnt that part of a mark twain quote? well, one google reference says it's a lucille ball quote... heh... but i think the real quote is something like "i do not regret the things i have done, but the things i didnt do". i would rather not regret at all. so, these are my romantic ideals. i'm satisfied with that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it once became my goal to never regret my choices. Although I can't say I have been that successful at it. I have to say that having a beautiful library in my home is one of my goals... even if it is a library / living room or something.


7:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a poem posted on my cube that's called "Re-thinking Regret," which basically means that you should appreciate your mistakes because they helped shape you. I'm learning to embrace this theory.

P.S. I too want to see New England in the Fall. (I definitely walked through Central Park in the fog/semi-drizzle.)

6:01 PM


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