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Friday, December 30

whatever happened to 2005?

at the end of the year, most people start blogging about top ten lists. top ten albums out this past year, top ten songs, artists, movies, books etc... well, i'm going to succumb to the temptation to put in my 2 cents. however, i would like to do it a bit differntly. the following are my indulgences of 2005.

tv shows:
by far, hbo puts out the best series. despite a surge in book-reading this year, i managed to get into the following shows, in order of my personal choice;

- lost
last year, i watched a total of 3 episodes, all while visiting addicted friends. the opener, a middle episode and the finale. i honestly didnt feel like i missed anything. however, when i caught the opener and the 2nd episode of this year, i raised my eyebrow, tapped my nose and said "they've finally got it" - i now have to wach each episode otherwise, i will have missed something very important.

- sex & the city
i wanted to start this series from the first season, which is why i never got into it before. i am not sure if i love this show more b/c i'm a woman, a writer or want to live in NY. its gotta be all of the above :o)

- firefly
after much goading on behalf of the lowriter, 10lees and a movie premier (which i have yet to see - i'm sure i'll do a review after i see it this weekend), i finally borrowed the 4 precious discs that make up the half season of Firefly. rumors are true. its faboo. way better than any other tv series out there. well produced, beautifully timed and fabulously written. joss whedon, i hope you get the chance to resurrect this one.

- 6 feet under
i thank comcast's on demand for my ablility to get into hbo shows this year. i used to make the weekly call to mom on sundays, around 9pm ish. but most of the time, i'd get a tongue lashing "why did you call now??!! you know 6 feet under is on! call back in an hour!" blam - phone goes dead. i started out avoiding this series as a protest to my mom's rudeness and addiction to the program. however, one rainy boring day, i played episode 1, season 1 and promptly fell in love. i'm currently waiting for season 3 to arrive via netflix. i have very high hopes.

shweet gadgets:
- gmail
not new, i know, but i am finally using my gmail account, and it's great. streamlined and easy to use.
- IPASS open tolling
now that i'm in IL, this is infinitely more important than one would ever care to admit. 12 lanes of cement and traffic. tolls i shouldnt be paying, but damn, i get through soooo much faster now.
- the ipod video
i own one. i rule the planet.

stores i now frequent:
- trader joe's
now that i'm within 4 blocks of one, i feel as if i'll never have to eat ramen ever again! unless, i really want to. authentic ramen with real japanese writing on it. its really good. i've got some coming my way real soon!
- micawbers
the best bookstore ever. i regret that i cant visit as much as i'd like as it's in MN, but huge props to the staff and anyone who shops there.
- iTunes music store
see above

i'm sure i've done more in 2005, but for now, here's my piece of the shtuff...


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