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Tuesday, November 22

power surge

technology is funny. its addictive, and makes you feel superior. it has the ability to create delusions of grandeur. i am fully guilty of this. i went to the Y the other day, and decided to watch the last episode of Lost while i elliptisized. so there i am, feeling totally good about my physical and technological prowess. i might even use the word "glow" to describe my aura.

i must say, nothing took me down a notch, either. i got nods of appreciation from the peeps surrounding me (peeps that have, in the past, given me a nod for a particular "smart" book i'll be carrying around; and peeps who never give me the time of day b/c i'm not at the y 24/7). this illusion of power continued as i showed my new toy to friends. admiring beams, drooling etc are all powerful assersions of my power.

and so i am addicted. when my phone (which has been acting up since, oh, april) turned off unexpectedly yesterday, i said "eff this!!" and promptly got myself a replacement today. it's a pretty little thing. i was sorely tempted to get either the sidekick rip-off or the video-recorder/camera/mp3 player phone. but i checked myself and only got the new LG pix phone. but i've never had a pix phone before. i thought about all the fun i could have with it. and when i take pix, i can put them on my ipod. and i can put them on my blog, thereby sharing them with the world.

the power continues. i've been figuring i need a new computer for a few years now. mine is the hp from '98 and in sore need of upgrades. however, if i got a brand new mac, i could once again rule the world. or at least have access to the world.

so now i must sit on my hands. be happy with what i have. enjoy when others can bask in my glory, even as the numbers dwindle b/c they all go out and buy thier own electronic goodness. no more toys for me! (for now....)


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