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Saturday, December 24

cheesy xmas movies and cats

first off, profiles:

Romeo - my kitty (also responds to "Kitty-kitty"). Romeo is a siamese mix, which means he has quite the range of meows. sometimes i like to spell his name "romeow"... he's a millenium kitty, making him almost 6 years old. anyway, he's quite the good-natured cat, very polite and social. he's also very emotional. we have a great relationship - i'm definitely Mom. i could keep gushing, but...

Bailey - 1/2 of b's cats. Bailey is a few bricks shy of a full load. he's the clumsey one, the sweet one and the fat one. bailey and benny are supposedly brothers (whoa momma!!) and they are about a year and a half old.

Benny - the other 1/2 of b's cats. Benny is the toughie. he plays hard and cuddles even harder. currently he's a bit chunky, which seems to slow him down a bit, but dont let that fool you - he's quite the aggressor.

So bailey and benny have front claws, but benny is the only one who uses them in play. romeo uses his teeth periodically, especailly when highly provoked or overexcited. all three are horribly curious and playful.

so introducing these three lively little guys was quite the chore. it's day 2 and i'm still breaking up a few gang-ups on Romeo (well, i think B&B are just curious about Romeo, so they follow him EVERYWHERE, making r a bit nervous). however, it seems like these three will enjoy each other's company and playful nature. i wont feel so bad leaving Romeo alone when i go to work and hopefully romeo will teach B&B a few manners and help them slim down.

but all morning long, i've been listening to various rustles, bumps, crashes, skitters, growls, hisses, meows and squeeks - Bailey can't meow! i've also been doting on poor romeo, who feels pretty ganged up on, and comforting B & B who are pretty confused about our intrusion. overall, i'm scared to leave for home tonite! i know they wont kill each other, but i'm still concerned for a bit of blood loss and starvation on Romeo's half (b&b are pretty voracious eaters, whereas r is a grazer).

while i listen to the catzos romping around, i've got cheesy christmas movies on in the background. i have no idea what this one is called, but it's got the drummer from That Thing You Do, and Vicini from Princess Bride and Mini Me. it's a bad take on the scrooge theme, but with this cast its pretty damn hysterical. after chucking his head out the window (mini-me is the ghost of the future) in an attempt to scare vicini, the head lands in the snow outside and the head says "that was neither a good idea nor effective. and now i'm cold". another one; "i'm Death, and Death dont hug".... cheesy, but when a midget says it, i find myself laughing till i choke on the cookies i'm eating.

last night i watched a cheesy Lifetime Original where a 37 year old lady has her inner child come to life and frolic with her over a year, helping her embrace the youth inside of her. heartwarming and the kid was adorable. but what else are you gonna watch late at night with a bottle of wine and xmas cookies??

apparently there is a 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story. i figure i'll get to that one tonite.

So to all, a happy happy holiday, and enjoy who you are, how you got there, what you can do in the future, and embrace your inner child to the fullest. oh, and you cant have a Red Rider BB Gun, b/c "you'll shoot your eye out!!!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like me when it comes to your cats. I am always worried if I leave my at home alone when I got and spend the night at my boyfriends. I mean - how does he survive without me? Plus I get quite the meow-lashing when I come home (which is almost the only time my Quizzy meows, outside of waking me up or randomly walking into the kitchen and meowing because (I think) he enjoys the echo).

They will get used to each other though - hopefully romeo will help them slim down instead of gaining weight to be like them. And Bailey looks JUST like my childhood kitty Fluffy - who is 18 and still kicking!!

Also - The History of Christmas on the History Channel was good today :-) I will probably be watching It's a Wonderful Life later night...

Merry Christmas!!

8:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hmmm, must be italien ;)

11:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss you!

I'm sure the kitty will be fine. I'm glad you're getting settled. Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and I hope to see you soon.

4:28 PM


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