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Monday, December 19


i am not a settler, i am an adapter.

this has been my mantra over the past week. i will prolly have to keep chanting it to myself for the next month too. moving always unsettles my emotions. i'm good at saving face, at keeping things in order, doing things on time and in a timely fashion. if i put myself on autopilot, i can get through my last and first days w/o any form of panic. i just have to have my mantra.

im not completely decided if, in order to be an effective settler, you have to be able to adapt. or if you adapt, it doesnt necessarily mean you are not a settler. i know, i know, double negative there. but moving is full of double negatives. and i am feeling very double negative about moving.

i dont really know how to end this post other than to say it's frickin' freezing here. i'm definitely going to enjoy a titch of warmer weather (and by warmer, i mean 5 degrees warmer. but that would bring me above zero). oh, and if you see me, and i'm grumpy, shove some chocolate in my hand and give me a hug. that always helps.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not a settler. Take care, and be tough. You want this move, and I know you can get through it. And I'll tell you what I told my sis. You can always come back. I'll miss you.

8:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As lo said - you can ALWAYS move back. That was my mantra when I moved out here... though I probably could afford to move back now - but I could if I really hated it!! A move is always exciting though, but it is also always scarey - I say ignore it, you'll feel better after it's done.

Love and miss!

8:17 PM


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