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Tuesday, November 29

winter in minneapolis

winter in minneapolis
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today i can actually feel the holiday spirit.

it did take me an hour to get to work. as always, the first snows of the year make us all craptastic drivers for at least a few hours. however, this morning, i was able to wake up early enough to enjoy a cup of coffee with the cat on my lap, while looking out the window at the light snowfall.

after the hellish ride into work, i took a look out my window and saw this scene. yet again, i felt the urge to belt out 'it's beginning to look a lot like christmas', bing style.

it feels good to be genuinely happy once in a while. despite the slush & traffic, the emotional incontinence of the world and work stress. i think i'll go out and buy a cinnamon candle & some holiday cards tonite...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always liked the "carol of the bells" as my favorite christmas song

6:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like cinnomen candles and writing christmas cards - at least you have snow!! It looks pretty as a Christmas card :-)


3:10 PM


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