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Thursday, November 10

too much air

so i havent been posting cuz my brain's been running at a gazillion miles an hour lately. i cant focus on one thing for more than a bit at a time. consequently, my dreams have been long and involved. i've been sleeping for more than 8 hours a night and i'm still tired in the mornings. so, i decided to have today be a Me day.

this means i'm going stay at work till all my work is done, even if it means i dont leave till 8pm. afterwards, i shall make a pizza for supper and eat it all by myself in front of the tube, where i will be watching 6 feet under. afterwards, i shall zonk out on the couch, with the cat, until i come to (around 1am) where i will throw myself into bed. hopefully i will have no interruptions. hopefully it means i will get a gratuitous 10 hours of sleep. hopefully it will be cleansing.

i had a massage yesterday, and beforehand i took a survey to see how i was feeling. the categories were earth, air, water and fire. i was having an air day. i thought about it through the glorious hour and subsequent errands and supper, and figured that i have had more air days than normal lately. the past few months have been "up in the air" and ive been making ungrounded plans. i have also not been passionate about something for a long time - rather ambivilant to life actually. i'm not sure what makes a water day, which leads me assume that i've been lacking in water days as well.

can one have too much wind in one's sails? can you be too full of hot air? cold air? am i not breathing enough, and that's why i'm searching for more air? all good things to contemplate. i'm tempted to make an apointment with my therapist to discuss further, but i've been weened and warned. hopefully my Me night will allow me to ponder further.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what constitutes an "air" day?

I'm not sure if I'd categorize it, but i know i definetely go through phases. I think the elemental paradigm is appropriate for me because I do tend to hug the extremes (for example, intense passion or complete apathy). Hope you had a good night!

10:43 AM


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