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Friday, May 5

another boring day in the life of Superchica

I have nothing of quality to post on my blog today, ok… ok… I admit, I have had nothing of much quality on the blog for a while. This is entirely my fault. I’m a bit dry as of late. It’s spring, the flowers are blooming (and my allergies too), and I’ve been editing the CHP newsletter (of which there will be a link to, shortly...). yeah, those are lousy excuses. But what can I say? I’m lame sometimes. So today I’ll tell the story of a co-worker:

On a nice, sunny day, Superchica was working hard. She diligently planned meetings, took phone calls and answered emails. Then all of a sudden! Out of nowhere! Someone bought her flowers! a beautiful basket to say “thank you for your ferocious attention to detail and sweet phone-voice”. Oh, she was so happy! But, there was no name attached to this beautiful gift of color. Oh what was she to do? Who was this admirer?

After hours of screening her emails and inquiring around the cubes next to her, she had almost given up hope. Her heart soared when she glanced up at the perky blooms, but alas, her benefactor remained anonymous.

Then, a tiny “knock-knock” came from behind… “who is it??!!” said the startled superheroin.

“down here! it’s me! your admirer!” came a squeaky voice, no more than knee-high.

“oh, Gnome, it’s you!” and she jumped from her perch to the floor beside him. She threw her arms around the stout shoulders, “I so hoped it was you!”

“come away with me, Superchica! This place isn't good for the likes of you!” and he swept her away…

That was the last I saw of Superchica. Sometimes I miss her soothing phone-voice coming across the cube crack. Sometimes I wish the gnome would have picked me to give the flowers to…but just last week, I got this photo in the mail, and I knew everything was right in the world!


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