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Sunday, June 18

thus far...

highlights of this trip:
1. delicious bass.... was caught for me. mm-mmm!
2. NJ is NOT necessarily the "armpit" of the usa
3. knock offs - current total = 1 pair D&G sunglasses. superior bling. ($5 CAN buy you happiness)
4. julia roberts waved at me (bringing the celebrity toll to 3 - oprah waved at 8 year old me and chris o'donnell called 18 year old me from a chicago golf course. seriously.)
5. central park (see below)
6. carnagie deli corned beef, munster w/ spicy mustard on rye (and a knish)
7. avenue q - click link, laugh with me. and, it sucks to be me.

manhattan view from hoboken (aka, NOT the armpit of the usa)

central park on a glorious friday

times square light lunch rush (site of the knock off DG sunglasses)

and more to follow!! (we need to get me a better camera phone).


Anonymous lowriter said...

I love your Times Square pic! (My one regret is not taking more of those while I was there. The best one I took was at night, too.)

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Did you see Avenue Q, then? We talked about it when we went to NY.

8:43 AM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

yes, i did see Avenue Q! it was hi-larious! totally worth it. we also tried to get tix to the Colbert Report, but they were not available. but puppets and songs like "what do you do with a BA in English?", "it sucks to be me" and "Schadenfreude" were definitely worth it...

10:30 AM

Anonymous Lo said...

What do you do with a BA in English. All I seem to manage is teach other people English.

I'm glad to hear that you had fun. It looked wicked awesome.

3:49 PM


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