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Tuesday, June 27

for when i'm not busy with "life"

it's about this time each year when i create a list of movies i'd love to see before the end of the summer. i dont have central a/c so the refuge of a huge, freezing, 30-theater cineplex is appealing. each year, i only see a small handful of the movies i'm jonesing for. usually, i end up seeing more movies that i dont necessarily want to see. lets put my choices in order of appeal, on a scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being the ones i'm tweaking over. at the end of the summer i'll review what i have seen, re-rate them and then bitch about the movies that left the theater before i got the chance to view them (ie kiss kiss bang bang last year).

superman returns:
4. i am not really a superman fan (freakin' goody-two-shoes). i am a fan of comic book movies. if, on a very hot day i am with company who really wants to see this movie, i'll go.

the devil wears prada:
8. i'm a girl. i crave chick flicks. also, i finished the audiobook this month, and i would love to see how they presented the characters in the movie. is andrea a smoker? can they make wholesome anne hathaway do that?

strangers with candy:
4. i wasnt an avid fan of the show, but i'd go see amy sedaris in her element.

pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest:
10. i WILL see this movie. preferably 2 or 3 times.

lady in the water:
6. M. Knight Shamalamadingdong hasnt let me down yet.

8. too many good reviews from friends and family to not go see it. however, i believe that everyone i know has seen it but me. which dropped it to an 8.

nacho libre:
6. i indulged in jack black's regular video podcasts during the filming of this one. it looks really dumb, and prolly will tank in the theater. but can you blame me for having faith in the man?

4. i would have rated this higher, but it's been in the theaters for so long that i doubt i'll actually have a chance to see it, period

prarie home companion:
9. it cant be a 10 b/c i need to see it in mn. i know i'll be back next month, but with timing, who knows if i'll get to the theater??!!

a scanner darkly:
5. after having 3 guys talk my ear off about this one, and b starting to get excited about it, i'll reluctantly go. this is the movie i'm sure i'll see, but am not terribly excited about it. which also means i'll prolly like it a lot. good thing i'll do a re-rate in september.


Blogger Harmon said...

uh, check out Havoc next time you're at the video store and let me know if you still think Anne Hathaway is still the innocent type.

1:55 PM

Anonymous Lo said...

I totally want to see Cars and Prairie Home Companion. And I have not seen either and was also worried that everybody had already seen Cars.

7:26 AM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

Harmon - really? dirty, bad Anne Hathaway?? i must check it out...

Lo - ok... i should be back in MN soon enough. if we havent seen Cars by that point, we'll go togehter alright?

9:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

okey doke!


7:28 AM

Blogger Harmon said...

yeah. super dirty. nekkid and crazy. I think the only way they could have made it a more shocking movie would be if it co-starred Ariel from the little mermaid.

3:46 PM


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