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Friday, July 14

twitchy mctwitch-twitch

yipes... the friday twitches have really affected me. and i havent had any caffine or sugar since 8:30am. you know the feeling? where you cant sit still and concentrate on the task at hand? you find yourself taking 3 times as long to finish reading the video notes for nickels 7e understanding business book as it should. ok, that's me. but seriously folks, there is no other remedy for this than to multitask. however, when i'm multitasking in this state of being, i screw up a lot, which makes for a beleaguered monday. what's a girl to do?

j the marketing guy runs around stealing people's chairs. c tells funny stories and laughs as j steals chairs. k cleans her cube. b dips out for 9 holes of golf. and dr g? she emails play-by-plays to mule who might understand this syndrome and office dynamic.

fucking a. it's not yet 3pm.


Anonymous Lo said...

I would really like it to be 3 PM right now, but alas, alack, it is only 7:15 AM. Booo!

7:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like friday in my office, especially if the boss is out... ah, so nice!!


11:38 AM


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