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Monday, June 19

ny, ny...

i had an absolute blast in ny. it's hard to put it all into an articulate blog article, but i shall point out a few good parts, including more pix, as best as i can.

things got a little "spooky" in ny, so,
who you gonna call??? GHOSTBUSTERS!!

i know, i know, lame joke... but i wasnt the only tourist snapping pix of a library just because it was in a movie. :o)

we also hiked up and down 5th avenue to view tiffany & co, prada, st. john etc etc, and we picked Saks to walk through and oogle. i picked out (well, rather, pointed at) a gorgeous $500 skirt, and rhett enjoyed a $300 fedora.

on our way we passed the empire state building.
we had seen it in passing via cab at night, and it looked very inviting. so i wanted to see how much it would be to ride up and do the ultimate ny tourist activity. $16. and i still needed to fill my metra card. so, this is as close to the empire state building as i got.

we passed by the brand new apple store, which is housed underground.

and... we had a little fun with the new macbooks...

aren't i sooooo cute??? heh heh...

a moment of reverence: the dakota building at 1 w 72nd st in central park west. this was an educational visit for me: its the one-time home of john lennon, yoko ono and their son sean, and also the site of john lennon's assasination. small groups of quiet people walked past the building, stopping and looking, taking it in before crossing the street to the strawberry fields memorial.

new yorkers impressed me. i love the harsh accent, the differing boroughs (yes, even hoboken), the steadfastness of the people, the smiles, shouts and cheers i'd hear walking through central park, across the avenue of the americas or people-watching at st. mark's. i got to breathe in the words at nyu's grand library, pet not a few eager dogs, eat gratuitious amounts of east coast food and even pick up a little lingo, "yeah, right?" (no sarcasm!!).

it's a place i'd be proud to call my own, but for now, i'll smile and think about the decent our 737 took around manhattan and into la guardia; i'll think about how the anticipation, beauty and grandeur prevented me from sitting still - so much so that the little boy behind me would follow the direction my head moved, taking it all in.


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