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Friday, May 12

bubble wrap, part I

Ouch, that hurt. Hmm, I’m bleeding… can I have a band-aid, please? Thanks… hmm, stings a little… there, all better…

[peels band-aid off] OUCH! That HURT! Dammit. Ew… little gummy fuzzies. Hmm… looks ok though. shweet scar!

Been there, done that… right? everyone has. What about emotionally, though? ever find yourself applying a good cleansing dose of alcohol on an emotional wound, wrapping it in self-loathing and picking at the edges for far too long, only to have the whole thing ripped away with the force of Severe Hangover plus Loathing?

It’s not very pleasant to get cut or bruised or broken in any way, is it? well…

There is one solution. Wrap yourself in bubble wrap. Seriously! Take one of those big tubes of soft, crinkly padding and wind it around yourself, again and again, until all that’s left is your big dippy grin in a crease of plastic.

You can do this and walk around town, go to work, watch movies and hell, even play ping pong without fear of breaking a bone, or snagging a toenail. I’m sure it works wonders for the minimally accident prone.

Then again, you couldn’t really play ping pong b/c your arms would be all stiff and sticking out straight. And that would probably affect your work load too. plus, your friends might find you a bit skunky as plastic breeds nice smelly body odor.

I guess I don’t recommend the above suggestion. If not that then… what?

Well, there’s always emotional bubble-wrap right? I mean, your outsides are precious and all, but the wounds that hurt the most and take longest to heal are on the inside, right?

So sit down, make a list of all of your wounds. Gather up the bandaging from those wounds, and paste it all over your psyche. Use thick glue. this oughta work…

But it’s hard to think straight when you’ve got all this stuff on your mind. Your vision is clouded b/c the bandages sink behind your eyelids. Your head feels heavy and quite frankly, your friends think you’re skunky b/c your attitude stinks.

Hmm… I’m not being very helpful am i?


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