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Tuesday, May 2

cliche? who cares...

Fate, karma and the food gods favored me last night. My roomie surprised me by presenting me with Cubs tickets. It was truly a golden moment. I bundled up, grabbed an umbrella, and plopped the borrowed blue hat on my head. Off we went, in the minor drizzle, to the major game.

My precious little Jacque Jones did us right. the hot dogs were mighty tasty. And the beer guy kept frequenting our aisle (perhaps it was the large tip I left him?). and, of course, we won. Against Pittsburgh. Glorious moments abound!

I really don’t know what else to say about this. I was perfectly happy for a good few hours last night. not much else mattered but the lay of the field, the rain staving off and the occasional hunger pang being satisfied by perfect ball park food and drink. Hell, our seats were even decent enough for b to catch a pix on her phone. All was right in the world for 3 hours.

B & M seats

ohnho seats (he's got a better camera phone...)


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