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Monday, April 24

Aspartame (uh-SPARE-tuh-may) – the Greek goddess of sweetness

Bored with being alone recently, Sadie agreed to meet her mother and friends for a drink in the suburbs. She was a bit apprehensive about a Friday night with the ladies. It wasn’t the greatest substitute for a night out with the girls, but the girls were all in different places now. But mom was still there, and her recent bought of “mid-life crisis” inclined her to do things like make younger friends, go to see live bands and have a couple drinks with the ladies on Friday nights.

They met at Joey’s, a chain bar in the suburbs. For the first 10 minutes or so it was just Sadie and Mom. They sipped at imported beer, commenting about its flavor and giggling that they were drinking together. “you’re not driving back to the city tonite, are you?” “no, mom, I don’t have to”.

Judy and Lil waved from across the growing crowd, and the four of them gathered in high stools around a tiny table. Sadie felt a bit special for a few minutes – as the ladies (old enough to be ladies, but not as old as her mom) fawned and questioned her about life, the universe and everything. Since she had no concrete answers as of late, she was quickly abandoned when the perky, red-faced waiter showed up, bearing cocktails. Pink ones. “oooo! This is so cute!” “mm, you should try mine, its strawberry!” “no thanks, I’ll stick with beer” and Sadie went on sipping, smiling as the ladies put out their pinkies and drained the over-priced booze.

As the night rounded out (2.5 cocktails – and 3 beers – later) Sadie noted that the lack of wedding ring caused Judy to fiddle with her nails and laugh nervously when the server was around. She also saw that skinny Lil was constantly examining the piece of pizza on her plate, but never managed to eat it, “Don and I are on a diet, but I just hate it! it seems like it’s so much easier for him to look good”.

Mom smiled sweetly at her “gang” and provided topical liaisons in between awkward and painful pauses. “Sadie, it’s wonderful that you and your mom are so close! I just cant believe you’d be sitting here with us instead of out with your friends!” Blushing a bit and pausing to take a large gulp before she answered, but no need, as there was Mom to the rescue, “We’ve been trying to spend quality time together! It’s been a blast! Last week we saw that new Colin Firth movie. Have you guys seen it??” “He can dance in leather pants anytime he wants!” relieved, Sadie managed to giggle along and compare notes: who’s hotter, Hugh Jackman or Colin Firth?

About the time the bill got sorted out, Lil brought out a bottle of flavored water, “hydration, hydration, and always hydration!” “what a good idea! You never know what the water tastes like in these places” “what kind is that? is it aspartame or splenda?” pause, a finger on the label, squinty eyes, and triumphantly, “splenda!” “oh that’s good. I drink so much damn diet coke, I know I’m going to keel over like one of those lab rats” “yes… it’s sad how every calorie counts” “I just hate it!” “Well, Lil’s sure the smart one here. But, I bet Sadie wont feel a thing in the morning! Just a regular bought, I’m sure!” and the ladies winked at her. Sadie smiled back, wishing she wouldn’t have to feel anything in the morning.


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