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Wednesday, April 12

night trainwreck

so how is it that one night of faulty sleep can derail you for an entire day afterwards? this falls on many levels. there's the drunken night's sleep (which in itself comes in 2 settings)

dead drunk - where you pass out exactly where you are (standing, sitting, under the pool table, possibly, you made it to bed - in or out of your underware). you sleep soundly until the alcohol has left your body and the hangover wakes you up. the rest of the day is spent in dark, cool rooms akin to the bathroom. day ruined (rallying not included).

restless drunk - where you are full-on goggle-eyed and teetering around, but coherant and happy about the night and proud of yourself for not blacking out. you actually do make it to bed on these occasions, after you've brushed your teeth and put on pj's. you sleep soundly for... maybe 3 hours. then you wake up and are alert for a good 1 hour. sleep for another 30 min, and wake for another 15... so on and so forth until it's legit to get out of bed and the rest of your day is spent in a "fuck, i didnt sleep at all" fog.

there's also the bad dream sleep - where you wake up, heart pounding, in the wee hours of morning. if you're like me, you can rehash every detail of the dream and must force yourself to think of butterflies and candy to distract yourself enough to fall asleep again. and then, the dream comes back, but in altered form, and you find yourself waking up in a glassy-eyed sweat, frustrated that you couldnt rid yourself of the dream completely. this time you'll try harder. more butterflies. more candy. sleep... but you wake up. even though it's not a bad dream; you're just scared it'll turn out to be a bad dream. damn brain. next day spent in crabby, cranky fog.

sick sleep is possibly the worst - allergies, cold, flu, whatever it is, it will knock you out for sure all day long, but as soon as you try to sleep in your comfy bed... the sheets are too sticky. the pillow too hot. too flat. too poofy. the fan is too cold. one nostril gets clogged. the other follows suit. you wake yourself up snoring, and your consolation is that your sick so you can call in the following morning and sleep all day. but, lo and behold, when the alarm sounds, you're healthy as a horse and drag yourself into work, where you spend all day with toothpicks in your eyelids. fun stuff.

this is one of those days for me. sleep sucked so now i am in a pitiful mood. resorting to bad habits and frequent escapes wherever possible. must... keep... going...


Blogger littlebmouse said...

Wow you are really sleep sensitive if just one night of bad sleep makes you super crabby. I have to have three in a row. Then I'm a super bitch. But mostly the only reason I don't sleep through the night is because its too hot or because I have to pee. Or sometimes if stupid people are loud but mostly that doesn't happen till the morning ish hours.

11:02 AM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

yes, i'm horribly sensitive about my sleep. i do have to get 8 hours or i'm crabby. occasionaly i can do a short night, but only once in a while and only if i dont have to do it more than twice in a row.

in my life, the things that make me happiest are eating and sleeping. which means, i have to be creative when i diet and i have to sleep decently for the world to make some sense. simple things, yes, but very complex when fucked with.

11:47 AM


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