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Wednesday, March 29

how to start off sunday-funday or, the hair of the dog is the only remedy

i couldn't have written it better myself:

My favorite recipe for the Bloody emerges from years of experimentation. Think Jonas Salk behind a bar. What I have come up with in my lab is:
Begin by turning on music best suited for the occasion of a near-death hangover. A dirge is always nice. Then in a cocktail shaker, place 4 ounces of tomato juice, 1/2 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, 1 dash of lemon juice, 2 drops of Tabasco, 1 dash of pepper (to taste), 1 dash of salt (to taste), 1 1/2 ounces of Grey Goose vodka, 1 dash of celery salt, and, for those who like a kick in the head, a smidgen of horseradish.
Shake and pour into a tall glass filled one-third with ice, garnish with green olives, and upsy-daisy. If that doesn't work, light three candles, take a cold shower, drink hot coffee, lie flat, and moan. And next time, try to behave.


Blogger dirty orpheus said...

This sounds like an honest start to a good recipe. The problem with the concoction you're trying to sell us is the final ingredient: vodka. It's not so much the quality or even the presence of said spirt, it's more of the quantity.

While tomato juice does sound like a good idea, remember you're probably going to need more of that for getting the smell of skunk out of your hair (little bastards are denziens of most of your finer bars and fight like a wolverine when it comes down betwixt thou and thain for the last beer).

In place of the four ounces of tomato juice, substitue 1 ounce or, if push comes to shove, throw some ketchup in there. Top glass with vodka, serve chilled.

Now Sunday-Funday is ready to begin.

8:49 AM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

what is the official name of this little bastard you're concocting? i'm not sure you can call it a Bloody. more like Bloody Hell...

9:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe, I like the lie in bed and moan part... although for me it is usually cling to the porcelain god and moan, although you'll want to know your porcelain god is clean...


9:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally have never had a Bloody. Never appealed to me although lately my tastes are changing so maybe.

I could go for a rum and coke right now though. Best drink ever: Get a big huge glass. Hugest you've got. Mix one part Captain Morgan or Malibou (out of the fridge or freezer if you just bought it) and two parts vanilla coke. Put in ice if you so desire. Sip all night. Stumble to bed.

I like to keep it simple but strong. :)


11:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's just a hangover cure you're looking for, the best solution I've found is a run.

I'm a runner anyway, so that helps but I have yet to have a hangover after I've gone on a morning run. Don't get me wrong, they are the shittiest runs feel weak, out of breath and you sweat like crazy but that is, after all, the point.

Once you're done you will be extremely thirsty and tired, but you won't have a headache (at least I never do), and you'll feel good!


6:31 PM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

wow. i'd try that if i knew i wasnt gonna puke halfway down the block... ha!

but i did do that on new year's day. i took a bit of a ride on the eliptical (an hour or so after i puked) and felt much better.

bloody's are so much easier though... ;o)

10:19 AM


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