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Friday, February 24

update on my duff

so I did get off my duff this week. On wednesday I went to the )danny’s reading series in bucktown with some pals, and really enjoyed myself. they showcased a recent anthology published by sarabande. the poets were good, but one was especially stand-out. her name is robyn schiff and I highly recommend her.

last night brought me to a fundraiser for 826 Chicago – a nonprofit tutoring program. it was a night for wine and dumpling tasting. yes, dumplings. it was faboo!! first off, all of the wine featured was under $15/bottle, and what qualifies as “dumpling” really baffled me. there were the standards – pirogies and egg rolls. then there was a vietnamese version of a dumpling, which is a bun stuffed with something yummy (in this case it was bbq pork). There was also an indian version which was sort of a cross between egg roll and pirogue w/ spicy goodness and a tamarind sauce on top. i met some great peeps and had an all-around great time.

it’s worth it to get off your duff when you get an invitation. tonite though, i admit, i’m seriously excited to bake bread, make soup and watch gratuitous amounts of 6 feet under before passing out on the couch. sometimes, you just need it. ;o)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your links don't work :(

12:43 PM

Blogger dr gonzo said...

they got screwed up over the weekend somehow. they worked when i posted... and they work now... dun dun dunnnnnn

10:00 AM


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