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Tuesday, February 14

dark chocolate, pinot noir

valentine’s day has always been a fun day for me. since I came late into the dating game, one might assume that I’m embittered or over-compensatory. But, thanks to my family, I think of vday w/ fond memories of colorful family meals.

mom would always make spaghetti (I still think her homemade sauce is the best!) and meatballs, a salad with something red in it (radishes, strawberries, cranberries – it changed very year) and she always remembered to put a few drops of red food coloring in our milk (my sister only willingly consumed milk w/ dinner twice a year – vday and st patty’s day, aka “pink milk” and “green milk” days). when we arrived at the table for supper, the good plates were out, the good glasses were out (goblets for everyone!) and each of us had a special treat at our seats.

mom would put various types of chocolate hearts on the plates (for dessert, of course) and arrange conversation hearts in funny sentences. Dad would have put long stem roses by our plates (we got 1 each, mom got 3). We’d say grace and then dig in, all the while dad attempting to educate us about the holiday, me teasing my sis about who gave her vday cards this year and mom enjoying her special champagne.

I’ve always wanted to share this “feel good” holiday with other people. When I was a teenager, I was baffled that other people hated the holiday. Now, I find that my friends hate for the holiday has grown into full-fledged loathing for the greeting card, pressurized, gloomy feburary cult celebration. What’s funny is that no one really knows who or what st. val is.

So tonite, tonite… I will sip on red wine, nibble on chocolate and watch gilmore girls & scrubs with my bff while our men are away. Long distance kisses and late night text messages are all the romantic love I’ll be able to have on this day. I admit, I’m wistful about it. I really do wish I could treat h to the same meal my mom always prepared, to share with him that same feeling of specialness (heh, I’d eat most of the chocolate, he’d drink most of the wine…). But I’m still going to enjoy the phone call I’ll get from him and the warm feeling of being loved.

happy valentines day!


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