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Friday, February 17

slow down/speed up

i have a bit of a problem. there is too much to do in this city that i get overwhelmed and end up sitting on my couch eating Pirate's Booty and watching Alias re-runs.

help me.

visit me.

make me enjoy all the museums, theater performances, readings, restaurants, libraries, schools, car shows, sporting events etc etc to infinity!

part of the problem is that i'm listening to chicago public radio for 2 hours of my day, and i get to hear about all the cool things happening in the city. there is a lot of fabulous stuff here. so, the other day, after i tortured myself by listening to all the upcoming weekend events, i decided to stop off at the lake on my way home.

i am one of the lucky commuters who gets to enjoy the lake from start of LSD to finish. it has a certain pull to it. when i get close enough to see the waves, i get giddy, and the urge to turn off and wander the beaches increases... so on this day in question, i gave in to the urge. it was narry 32 with a sharp wind and 20 min till sundown (well, city "darkness" time) and a half mile walk from where i parked the car. there were 1 or 2 other souls out there, bundled up, walking or biking.

so i sat on the edge, froze my ass off, and just smiled at the waves - giggled when they make a huge splash, wished they were bigger. and it settled my soul for a while. but still, please, come visit me! :o)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that "from start of LSD to finish" is, um, quite a trip.

l'homme avec la guitare bleue

2:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wish... Lake Shore Drive

~dr gonzo

4:12 PM


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