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Friday, February 3


last night, i did not watch amelie. instead, i talked about the merits of baking your own bread, a segue from discussing lo's entry on cancer (click her blog on the right if you wanna see it, i'm too lazy to link today) and discussing the miraculous low-calorie beverages of whiskey, scotch and wine and discussing Salmon Rushdie and then trying in vain to call h back again when his phone finally gave out completely. good thing he got a new one today. anyway, by the time i hung up for the last time, i had polished off the better part of a bottle of wine and it was 11:20pm. so i hauled my drunk arse to the bedroom and promptly fell asleep. i will watch Amelie as soon as i can. meaning, i have to allott for the superbowl, saturday meanderings and of course, friday night snow traffic and shenanegans. wish me luck.


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