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Friday, January 11

one good thing about texas's food...

... is that there's always plenty left over! tonite we went to rudy's country store and bbq, the self-proclaimed worst bbq in texas: "dont tell us how good it is, just come back again!"

by myself, i consumed a large sausage link (which was smoked in hickory), a large portion of brisket, a huge pork rib and sides of baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw and the best creamed corn i've ever had. please note that i havent had creamed corn in about 20 years, and this was the REAL DEAL - not that canned green giant crap i swallowed at warp speed as a child.

sop up the leftover bbq sauce and cream with a slice of squishy white bread (oh the SINFULNESS of it!!) and i was completely stuffed. we each polished off about this much food with two shiners a piece and still the leftover box was overfloweth.

the whole time we ate family-style at check cloth covered picnic tables using butcher paper for plates and styrofoam cups for bowls. i went through 3 napkins and will surely wake up smelling of glorious wood-chip smoke.

i am only beginning to understand how bizarre my dreams may be tonite if i dont digest enough before passing out...


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