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Wednesday, January 9

one good thing about texas... on a tuesday

you can get a damn good margarita in texas. of course, i live in chicago, so i can get a damn good margarita on any old day... but for the majority of the country, jose cuervo and uber-sweet lime juice is the norm.

last night i went out on a whim on the shuttle that went into the city. it was too dark to really explore the riverwalk (leave that for wednesday), but i did enjoy a few margaritas with some instructors attending the confrence. i chose the "ultimate" as i'm wont to do: sauza with cointreau and grand mariner. salt, on the rocks, please. a couple hours later, a couple drinks later, and i headed back to the hotel tipsy and sated. i didnt realize how tired i was until i set foot in my room. sugar or no sugar, i passed out pretty darn quick.

cheers to free margs on a tuesday in san antonio!


Anonymous Lo said...

I am jealous. You are having way more fun in TX than I did. :) Keep it up, girl!

10:53 PM


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