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Wednesday, November 21

kitty bronchitis

did i spell that right?

so kitty (aka "romeo") lost his voice last week. i was more amused than concerned as he's a "talker" and tends to drive everyone nutz with his yowling. little squeeks and raspy halts filtered out at regular intervals, amusing me and definitely NOT intimidating the kitten (yes, you read me right - kitten).

after a few more days humoring his ailment, i noticed that he developed a cough. not one of those awful gut-wrenching, car-start hairball coughs, but actual, legit, "old man-type" wheeze/hacks. yum! a quick trip to the vet revealed kitty bronchitis. during my tday vacation i get to look forward to shoving large tuna-flavored pills down kitty's throat. hopefully this will not result in his subsequent fear and loathing and strategically placed vomit (must remember to check shoes every morning).

and yes, i did indicate that a kitten now lives in the over-stuffed townhouse. sis found her about a month ago and didnt have the heart to take her to the shelter. thusly resides "ella," the hyperactive kitten.

she does serve the purpose of general mediator between the other cats. all of them think she's too cute (or something) to hiss/spit/run away from her. romeo took her under his wing immediately and began giving her washing lessons. unfortunately, she wasnt having any of it. all at once now: "awwwwwwww!"


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