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Wednesday, December 5

outsourcing byotches suck.

this time last year they downsized the media department. they then hired two folks from india to outsource the excess media work. now, i have the wonderful responsibility to hold one of these people's hands through the entire media process for only one of my books. i am not used to this - in fact, i was very happy going about my day w/o any media contact at all (ironic statement, yes, i know). now i'm barraged by at least 1 email a day requiring me to do extra work (not required by my job) in order to keep outsourcing byotch on track. frustration is mounting. and i only have more outsourced books to look forward to.

this year, they've downsized production. i cant wait for this time next year.


Anonymous Polly Picker said...

i like how you're barraged by one email a day.

10:46 AM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

[turns nose up in air]

"YOU dont know a THING about it!!!" she said vehemently.

3:41 PM


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