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Monday, January 7

one good thing about texas... encore

i end day two in san antonio exhausted, hungry and weary - but i did find another good thing about texas.

today i had to give an elevator pitch for our booth. i was not happy about this prospect two weeks ago, when it appeared on my agenda. i was even less happy about it when my boss started concocting a song about mgh that went along to the song "i'm a little teapot" (and yes, she wanted me to enact said song). however, my final pitch was a 30 second sorta clever, sorta prosaic, safe bet. and no, i did not die of embarrassment nor did i flub up my lines. it did, however, create undue stress and prompted me to soak in the outdoor whirlpool at the end of the day.

sitting in the whirlpool i tried to read my latest book club book (it kept getting wet) and i tried to meditate (which is really hard when you're starving) and finally, i just sat there soaking up the hot water and enjoying the breeze. i kept catching whiffs of something that smelled really good. i could tell that it was something in the natural air - not chemical or food or man-made in any way. which brings me to day two's good thing about texas: it smells really great in san antonio.

sort of a mixture of herbs - possibly sage and/or thyme - dirt and wind. i know, wind doesnt have a smell, but the current breeze is coming off of the gulf of mexico. it's very humid air, hangs heavy and can either chill you to the bone in cooler temps or bring a pleasant texture to the already sweet breeze. so there i sat, at peace for the moment.

after the bubble timer went off, it was time to head back to my room and order cheesy food and a bottle of wine. ahhhhhh.... cheers to a day well spent...


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