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Sunday, January 6

one good thing about texas...

for the next seven days, you'll find me in the lone star state. i'm here to hock our latest wares and "enjoy my time" here. "time" is really the relevant word. i'm required to sit at my booth for hours a day, and also required to perform the usual day-to-day tasks (sans desk), so finding extra time is a bit of a squeeze. we'll see what i can get...

i've never had a hankering to visit texas. perhaps i'd go to austin for the film festival or music festival, but otherwise, i dont have a draw. since plane ticket and accommodations seem to have been thrust upon me, i may as well keep my eyes open for things of note. who knows when i'll be back again?

so, my first installation of "one good thing about texas..." is shiner bock beer. one of my many favorite things about traveling is tasting the local brews. wisconsin has spotted cow (ha - not what you thought i'd say, but it's by far the superior choice), pennsylvania has yuengling, and texas has shiner.

my first taste of shiner was a few months ago at one of the wine store's block parties. we had a full keg of the stuff, and after the event was over, had at least half of a keg of the stuff... and so, i enjoyed myself a lot of shiner bock. it's an amber beer, but lacks the metallic taste of red beers. its smooth and light, but full of taste. not too hoppy (not my favorite characteristic in beer) and definitely drinkable in mass quantities. and here i sit, in the brew's home turf. it's everywhere! say g'bye to calorie counting (and to miller lite - bleh) cuz that's my brew of choice for all events while in the lone star state.

so there you have it. i found one good thing about texas. knock on wood i'll have 7 more in the coming days...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being from Texas, Shiner Bock has a soft spot in my heart. Glad you enjoyed. But, at the same time my girlfriend is from Wisconsin and she got me hooked on Spotted Cow.
I hope you find more 'good things' about Texas, especially Austin my home town. I recommend Alamo Draft House.

3:37 AM

Blogger dr gonzo said...

oh i LOVE spotted cow... a trip to wisconsin once in a while satisfies my craving. i'll definitely give the alamo draft house a try.

5:26 PM


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