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Tuesday, November 27

help me decide!!

i need a new phone like, yesterday, and so i stepped into the verizon store to see what they could offer me. i came out with two very different phones to choose from. so, im going to put down my needs and the link for each phone's specs, and maybe i'll get some feedback from readers.

  • i really want a good solid camera on my phone. the 2.0 mpxl in the standard phones is ok. its nice, and it works. but i'd really love to have a bit more, so i can have pix to post on my blog (of course). camcorder is nice too.
  • i'd like to keep the phone for the full 2 year contract, so i want something durable.
  • i want something sleek and light
  • i dont want to get something that's going to "go out of style" or become outdated too fast
that said, the two phones i'm looking at are the samsung gleam and the samsung flipshot.

good things about the gleam: it's cute, extremely light, very functional, has 2.0 mpxl camera and is shiny-pretty. oh, and it's free.

good things about flipshot: it's high-tech, a bit lighter than my current phone, has 3.0 mpxl camera & camcorder & flip screen for easy use, has a USB cord (this is big), looks like a digital camera when it's flipped, and is black-techie looking.

bad things about gleam: it's rather generic and prozaic. doesnt have the quality of camera that i'd like. it appears that newer phones will upgrade to the 3.0 mpxl real soon.

bad things about flipshot: it's a bit bulkier than i'm used to, more tricks to learn cuz of more features, its possible that it will have bugs, there is a 2 second focus/shutter delay, it's $50 AND i'll most likely have to buy a memory card for it within the next few months.

i'm inclined to nab the flipshot b/c it's brand spankin' new and on sale. where else can i get both a phone and a digital camera for $50?? granted, it's a long way off from the standard 10 mpxl cameras out there, but it's better than nothing!

the practical person that lives in my brain tells me that i should stick with the gleam. it's pretty and shiny and functional, and i wont have problems with it. should i kick this person to the curb???


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