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Tuesday, October 2

reasons NOT to become distracted while checking your email before bed

as many of my readers (oh, you're all my friends? damn... that means all of you...) know, i'm reluctant to open an account on facebook or myspace. i have my reasons, but one big one is the time-waster factor. if you have a site that lets you browse around, with endless links, a lot of time tends to pass.

well, i inadvertently found one of those sites today. wikihow is a wikipedia segment with "how to's" listed. at the bottom of each article is a list of other articles you "may be interested in"... of course i'm interested.

i'm definitely interested to know how to survive a fall from a great height, or how to levitate someone or how to be an urban ninja. and just to really kick my new habit up a notch, there's even an article on how to quit facebook.

i do so love to learn.


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