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Friday, September 28

could you pass the test?

when entering into citizenship here in our lovely land of promises, immigrants must take a written test to see if their knowledge of the US of A is pristine enough to welcome them into our home.

if you were put to the test, would you pass? note that these are only samples from the 100 question test.

yes, if you're wondering, i did pass. but i let out an embarrassed breath of relief when i read the results! thank goodness i went to good schools, listen to npr and read the papers. but what about my fellow americans? have we all been trained this well? collectively, should we be embarrassed when we take this test because we think we may fail?


Blogger littlebmouse said...

Dude those questions were easy.

6:31 PM

Blogger 10lees said...

Woot! 100%, however I have a BA in History so if I couldn't get at least 90% that'd be pretty sad.

But yes, I think at least 50% of the American public wouldn't know that much about the government...

2:29 PM


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