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Friday, July 6

happy 4th!

it was a week filled with "fridays" (today being one of them). it was a week of relaxation. and the 4th was a low-key day filled with plenty of lounging, munchies and fruity beverages. we played a little wii, a little poker, read some, watched scrubs and about 9pm, went up to the rooftop. i have to say, i've never seen fireworks from that angle before, and it was fabulous!

i had been hearing fireworks outside since suppertime (why?? you cant see them in the daylight??!), and about 9pm, i got restless and dragged chairs and my friends upstairs to see the action. i was not let down. we were treated to a panoramic view of chicagoland at it's best. every neighborhood, from the far north, to the skyline, to cellular field and all the way into the western suburbs, people were purging their wares en masse.

in the farthest distances, little puffs of color floated as lacey edges. three blocks away, every twenty minutes or so, a mini-finale would explode above our heads and the neighbors would erupt in cheers. and the show surrounding us was relentless, so that at any second, you could turn your head and see a series of rings, or screaming sprays of green, or j-u-ust miss a few white puffs and only hear the BOOM.

this year's display definitley ranks in my top favorite firework moments, and for once, i'm glad that our rental company has shoddy views on things like door locks and building security... happy birthday america.


Anonymous 10lees said...

Happy 231st Birthday! woohoo!

I am jealous, I didn't see any fireworks really, it wasn't worth it to go out and find some in california. we just chilled in our hotel room and relaxed. I was tierd, but scott watched serenity again.


4:01 PM

Blogger L M said...

I, too, am jealous. No fireworks with baby in the house.

And... to answer your blog post, we DO have Trader Joes, unfortunately it's at least a half hour away, so we've never been. We regularily get together with a couple who lives nearer to Trader Joes, and inevitably whenever we ooh or ahhh over a special piece of food, it was from, yep, Trader Joes.

9:34 AM


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