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Friday, June 8

cicadas in the car, a short film, not starring samuel l. jackson

Newsflash! We had an up close and personal encounter with a cicada as we drove back from lunch! Imagine, if you will, the Volvo resting at a stoplight, windows down, three giggly girls inside, flushed with delight at finding sale items at the Gap and selecting sweets down the street at a chocolatier, and suddenly! Out of thin air! A giant monstrosity of a creature flies right at their faces! Wings beating furiously against the windshield! Giant red eyes bulging! Bzzzzz! Our giggles turn to overly dramatic shrieks as he attempts to break the glass and eat us!!

We survived. Barely. By combining our immense intelligence, wit, strength of character and muscles, and darned good looks to fend off the cicada and trick him into submission. Really. (He's now inside my hood, still staring.)*

*i was in the car for this event, but the writing credit goes to my co-worker, kirsten - the ever vigilant cicada hunter.


Blogger Grace said...

if it doesn't have Samuel L Jackson in it, I'm not going to see it :-)

I love this story though! Hilarious! :-)


1:25 PM


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