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Wednesday, May 23

cable-ready and not willing

do i miss tv? mmm... not really. although, i still dont feel like i'm using my time wisely.

old schedule
5pm leave work
6:15pm get home, put down bag, put on work out clothes
6:15 - 7pm work out in front of TV (or with book, on rare occasions)
-tv watched: seinfeld or bernie mac or simpsons as no cable hook up on porch
7 - 9pm prime time tv & supper
9 - 10pm attempt to read book/clean apartment
10 - 11pm daily show & colbert report
11pm onwards: struggle to choose between bad late night tv, reading and sleeping

new schedule
5pm leave work
5:30pm get home, put down bag, put on sweats, look for roomies upstairs
5:30 - 9pm assortment of cribbage, Wii, long chats & supper
9pm - think about working out/berate self for forgetting to work out
10pm - read in bed or watch old movie (of late - hitchcock films)
11pm onwards: the ultimate question - read or sleep?

so you see, it's really not that different. in fact, those hours between 5:30 and 9 are pretty well lost to me. where do they go? why is it a good idea to watch 6 episodes of heros via computer-hooked-to-tv? why is working late so detrimental to functional after work activities? why is getting up early to excercise so damn hard? is colbert report still funny when you're not watching it?

and today i found out that our work's tech-guy does not watch tv at all - except for WWE. and therin lays our quote of the week: "the WWE is like the circus without wires!".


Blogger Speed Readers Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your TV indifference. I should try harder to move away from the TV. I mean is there any reason for me to watch Scrubs repeats? I have yard work to do!!


11:23 AM

Anonymous Lo said...

I feel like since I started dating and got Netflix, I watch far more tv than I used to. For awhile there, I only watched from about 9:00 to 10:30 or so, and then the rest of the time I read.

I can answer two of your questions: Yes the Colbert Report is still funny even if you're not watching it and it's hard to be functional after working late because we were not meant to work every waking minute of our lives. Hence, when you are working more than everybody else, you are actually cutting into your outside-of-work productivity time (you know, the time most people use to clean the kitchen and install airfresheners). That's coming from me, who is now working far more than she should yet again. It'll kill your housework and anything other than watching tv, basically. But it's easy on the pocketbook, which I enjoy.

12:58 PM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

see.... we get scrubs on Netflix... i that counterproductive in and of itself??!!

and i have been trying to view my time at the wine store as "happy time" - a differnt kind of socialization, if you will. i get to talk about really neat stuff, drink really great stuff and get really great tips (even if it's just from my grandma). but it helps to have this attitude, cuz i feel less left out of "fun time with friends". i do however, have problems getting the kitchen clean. :o)

6:00 PM

Blogger littlebmouse said...

Ok though let me just say working till 5pm is not really working late. working till 10 or 11 is late. Thats really all i have to say.

7:18 PM


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