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Monday, May 21

date night

... was fabulous. went to a tavolo which happens to be hidden a half block away from our apartment. it's this great duplex that has been renovated, so you cant really tell it's a restaurant unless you know it's there. you walk in the front door, and have to pass through heavy curtains to get into the main dining room, which keeps to the house theme nicely - i felt like i was in someone's dolled up parlor.

we started off the evening with a plate of italian cured meats. after much deliberation (and hearing the specials of the day), we settled on a bottle of italian "pinot negro", which was a beautiful inky purple and light on the toungue. reviews touted the "pillow-like" gnocci, so sucker that i am, i insisted we try it. was not let down: melt in your mouth pasta-goodness (with sage butter). mmm...

my entree was very good - a white fish cooked to delicate flakey perfection, accompanied with new potatoes and a veggie (i honestly cant remember what it was - it was good, but overshadowed). h's entree was by far the best: rack of lamb, done to the pinkiest medium-rare with garlic spinach, which was blanched and had a generous coating of olive oil.

the service was attentive - i never had an empty water glass, the atmosphere was homey and i left fat, happy and a little more than tipsy. yes, i am a spoiled lady!


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