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Friday, March 2

february books

the voracious reading is back!! it's terribly exciting, and a great indicator that previous months i had been watching too much tv... this month i only indulged in episodes of 6 feet under while elliptisizing (the best way to keep me on the damn thing for 50 min at a pop), lost either on wednesday nights or lunchtime on thursdays (an excellent way to spend your lunchbreak, thank you, and occasional daily shows & colbert reports. i would also like to thank h & o for helping me return to status of voracious reader. by playing hours and hours of madden on the wii, they heartily encouraged me to look away from the tv and bury my nose in a book.

book #1
remains of the day by kazuo ishiguro

bookclub book o'the month. i discussed my deep feelings for this on the bookclub blog, and i dont really wish to rehash them here. long time butler stevens obtains permission from his new boss to take a small road trip. steven's goes to visit a former head housemaid, and on the way reminices about the famous household they organized together. comprised of memories and ruminations on a life lived in the service of others, this is a book for english fans. let me clarify - people who enjoy fiction that takes place in england, and has all of the linguistics and restraints that define mid-20th century england. not my bag of beans, but it was well written.

book #2
bloodsucking fiends by christopher moore

i needed a break from the stuffy english literature above, so my balance book (i usually read 2 books at the same time, and rotate as needed) was a comedy. if you havent guessed, i'm a huge moore fan. his sharp observations and wit are fresh & unique. i love his wry outlook on life, his beta male (& female) characters and his outlandish plots. red-headed jody is unexpectedly turned into a vampire while returning home from work on in san franciso. needing a daytime ally, she recruits tommy, our beta male and night grocery store clerk. tommy & jody encounter many a trial attempting to figure out jody's "condition", and by the end of the book, you may be a bit frustrated... the book abruptly ends, and has been one of moore's fan's greatest struggles. over a decade later, moore gives us his sequel: you suck. i'm terribly excited about it, and i'm sure i'll run straight to borders to snatch it up - just... not at night...

book #3
anne of green gables by l.m. montgomery

audiobook. yes, i have listened to this one before. but it's anne of green gables!! how many times have my female readers out there seen/read/listened to anne's stories?? for my male readers: this is a fun coming-of-age story about orphan anne shirley entering the prince edward island home of sister & brother marilla and matthew cuthbert. she's got spunk, she's got smarts and she's got more than enough imagination share with everyone she meets in the town of avonlea. such a great heartwarmer for listening to on long, cold drives home from work.

book #4
as i lay dying by william faulkner

i'm still deconstructing this one in my head, so i cant say much about it yet. written in local dialect, the reader is carried into the novel as a direct observer to the bundren family's saga. addie bundren, mother & wife, passes on, and we follow the family as they attempt to bury her in her home town. this is a very striking work. i definitely enjoyed it, and i keep coming back and lingering over the characters. faulkner is touted as one of the greatest american writers, and thus far, i'm in agreement.

all in all, a solid month! on deck is some fluff, another book about death, and a little sci-fi.


Blogger littlebmouse said...

Funny story I couldn't stand Remains of the Day either so I read Blood Sucking Fiends too. ha we don't normally agree on things or read the same shit hench then funny

12:23 PM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

wow, so... 2 books we agree on?!! what is the world coming to!? ;o)

so if you're a moore fan now, i think we have a pretty fair collection here and you could borrow some. if you give them back! bwahahaha!

10:38 AM

Blogger Speed Readers Anonymous said...

I am feeling like i should pick up a Christopher Moore since everybody else is...

9:40 PM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

yeah, everyone's doing it!!

8:38 AM


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