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Friday, February 2

bears bears bears bears....

alright, so i'm a bad blogger... nothing terribly interesting from this direction... ever since the BMC crapped out, i've been a bit lax in the writing department. i am composing a multi-media frenzy of a posting, but until that is finalized, i can provide a few tidbits.

officially, we will be spending another year in chicagoland. we will be moving to the "up-and-coming" neighborhood of ukraine village, into a swank, spacious, brand new apartment. its exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. our one lament is the distance we are putting between ourselves and wrigley field. last summer i definitley enjoyed popping over for a random game.

of course, i must say, GO BEARS!! throughout the playoffs o-ho had our good luck charm: a pizza cutter that readily played the bears' fight song. everywhere we went, we ordered an uncut pizza and cheered the bears with every slice we ate! at the last game, well... we think the busboys got jealous. after the table was cleared, we noticed the missing pizza cutter. after 5 or 6 unsuccessful inquiries, we put our loss in the hands of the football gods and continued on our drunken merry way. i have made it a personal challenge to visit gas stations across the city in search of a duplicate for our sunday festivities.

"I will smack you like a bad bad donkey okay?"

the featured muppet of the "month" (my months lasting oh... 120 days or so...) is pepe, the king prawn. bask in his glory, okayyy?

"The prawn cracker wiiiiins"


Blogger 10lees said...

oh I am bummed da bears didn't win! I hope you are doing ok!!

9:02 PM

Anonymous Lo said...

"Build a jacuzzi and we will come, okayy?"

5:59 PM

Blogger littlebmouse said...

Dude this thing sucks to much effort to leave a damn comment. Good lord. All I wanted to say was that maybe it was not having a pizza cutter, but now it doesn't seem like much point.

11:38 PM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

if you dont have a gmail account, i can see why this would be annoying... the new blogger is geared towards gmail users. tut tut.

and yes, i'm sure it was the pizza cutter. in fact, we cried over the loss, and ordered a pizza, uncut, and left it that way to absorb our tears. mourning is a difficult time.

10:34 AM

Blogger littlebmouse said...

yeah i have a gmail account as you will notice that I also have a blogger account and I was the first one to switch over keep up. its still sucks that I have to sign in to leave a comment

9:55 AM


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