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Tuesday, January 9


now wouldnt it have been peachy if the pervasive gas above manhattan happened to have been laughing gas? think about it: quite possibly it could have mellowed out the entire downtown area, leaving cabbies waving old ladies across the street. businessmen and urchins arm-in-arm, walking the length of avenue of the americas for shits and giggles. the po-po sharing doughnuts with the knock-off fendi vendor, giggling at the "FANDI" emblems.

but alas, it wasnt laughing gas. the imagined comraderie may have stemmed from slight oxygen deprivation from the smokestacks of new jersey (akin to, but slightly more dangerous than laughing gas and yet, seemingly innocuous to everyday new yorkers). and thus far, media, government, scientists and regular folk alike are still in the dark.

i for one am grateful to know that a mysterious gas leak can and will waft through a massively populated downtown area within hours, without hesitation, cause minimal news coverage and have little reprocussion. it's good to be an american?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still like the fact that the mayor of new york came out and made the statement that the gas was 'perfectly harmless'... but somehow didn't know what the gas was. How can you know it is harmless if you don't know what gas or gas like substance it is? I'm confused...


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